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Motivation of the Invisible

The people you walk past everyday

There is no other group in society who would so routinely be ignored by the majority of the population. If you were to sit anywhere, for an extended period of time and every single person ignored you. Imagine how crushed you would feel, how invisible you would feel.



Neil Coyle MP

Co-Chair All-party parliamentry group for Homelessness

Acknowledging is number one

Homelessness has increased by 169% since 2010 in the UK. 


These are the people behind the stats and newspaper articles.

They have likes and dislikes, sons and daughters, passions and motivations. 

Anchor 1

It started as a three month social media project supported by O2's Go Think Big.

It's grown to become a documentary, a community and a platform to tell the remarkable stories of those with no voice from London, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Manchester and Liverpool.

The message is simple; everyone can help by simply acknowledging


You don't have to give money or food to every person you see, but you can and should always acknowledge. The very act of doing so can remind someone that they have worth, they are seen and that people care about them. Ultimately, it can save lives.


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Danielle* and Beautiful

Sat outside an off-licence

Begging for money

All to be spent on alcohol

Because Danielle's an alcoholic.

She is also a person

She needs help not judgement

She needs to be acknowledged

By you. 

*name has been changed

You are alienated. There are no two ways about it. Nobody's really interested in you as a human being, because they forget that you are human. 




Homeless for 3 years



I have collaborated with We Make Change, a global online volunteering community to create a homelessness community in the UK specifically for charities and organisations. 

The idea surfaced when I learnt of so many groups doing essentially the same thing; outreach, awareness, fundraising. Yet hardly anyone actually works together  in unison, wasting time, effort and resources.


The principal idea; greater collaboration between everyone, big charity or small organisation, so that this monumental task of getting people out of homelessness can be as effective as possible. That means really changing lives longterm and not temporary fixes. 

Are you an organisation that wants to join? Please contact me.



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