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I document amazing and misunderstood lives that are distant from your own, so that you can see your life in a new and more powerful context.



Science graduate, campaigner, humanitarian, videographer,  volunteer, 

social entrepreneur, 




There are lived experiences out there that can put our own lives in context. Often they are too far away or too far removed from our own experience to feel relevant. 


I educate and connect people with these amazing rich experiences of distant lives to help them see their own reality in a new context.

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Ed Kirwan is one of those rare influencers who can inspire and educate you with his stories, passion and purpose but also leave you feeling transformed and determined to make a difference on your own life too. I always felt sympathy for the homeless and wanted to help but never knew the right way to do it. But after hearing Ed speak at our office for just 20 minutes, I was touched by the personal stories and now I understand exactly what I can do to help the homeless people I see. Now I feel so much better about stopping to give food, water, change and simply acknowledge these people in need.  I would strongly recommend meeting Ed, inventing him to speak at your events and supporting the incredibly compassionate work he is doing.

Andrew Whelan - Innovation and Extended Reality Lead at Accenture Interactive

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Go Think Big had no hesitation in funding Ed for his 'Motivation of the Invisible' project, which was really inspiring and truly rooted in social action. Ed will always go out of his way for something he really cares about, and his perseverance and passion shines through. He is more concerned about doing the thing that is the most efficient and beneficial in the long run, rather than taking the easy route. His ability to see the bigger picture and empower others to make a tangible difference is unique and enormously valuable for both the wider society and business. 'Motivation of the Invisible' is a great example of a social enterprise that aims to bring together communities to change the way we view homelessness.

O2 Go Think Big


Ed is a fantastic public speaker and a great person to work with.  As well as his first-hand knowledge on homelessness, he brings a huge amount of passion to the table, and a real desire to drive actions that create meaningful change.  Ed's talk at Accenture Digital was riveting, he spoke powerfully and had a tough audience waiting on every word.  We look forward to continuing to work with him in future, and would very much recommend it to others in a similar position.

James Aglionby - Accenture Interactive Social Impact Team

Endorsed by

Homelessness Community

Founded in July 2018, the homelessness community has one clear goal; aid the collaboration of charities, not-for-profits, social enterprises, companies and volunteer based organisations (anyone) in the homelessness sector.

The community does not discriminate; big charity or small, company or not-for-profit, this community is set up to allow even local volunteers who venture out once a week for outreach to be given a chance to share their views and communicate with everyone in the sector. 

We think that by facilitating this engagement, amazing and powerful outcomes can be achieved. A network where information is shared openly to benefit everyone, breaking down the sense of competition for funds and support from the general public. More importantly, as we build the community, these things can be achieved together with one clear goal in mind: ending homelessness in the UK. 

A unified front will benefit everyone involved - this is what the community stands for and aims to achieve. 


Invite Ed to work with your employees on issues covered by his projects, reconnecting them with purpose as he talks about perspective, empathy and what that means for each individual. 


Need an impactful trailer for your business? Or maybe a series of engaging social media clips to attract customers and clients?


Invite Ed to be part of an event as a speaker or participant. The use of visuals and stories make an engaging and memorable experience for any audience. Every talk is tailored to the requirement of the event, maximising audience impact.

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