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Why we exist?

The We Make Change Homelessness community arose due to a need for a platform which is inclusive to anyone involved in homelessness; charity, volunteer group, social enterprise, private sector, individual, entrepreneur, campaigner etc.
The idea is simple; provide a space for great minds to seek help, share ideas and collaborate more effectively. With We Make Change organising every meeting it also takes the stress out of networking for already over stretched and under-resourced organisations and charities. All they have to do is turn up!


This community is unique. We do not discriminate against charity status, location, ideas, backgrounds or anything! If you are trying to make the lives of those who are homeless better, we want you involved and your ideas shared.

It is apparent from the first few meetings that we have a lot of similar problems but that we all have unique ideas, skills and solutions to these issues. This is why we exist, to use this talent pool in one clear aim. End homelessness, together.

Testimonials from members


I really enjoyed my first meeting, it was great to meet the others and feel connected to a wider group who want to help where they can. Think it’s got such potential to improve a coordinated approach in the homelessness sector! Not only in ways we can help each other, and how the people from We Make Change can help but also to share best practise for those who are just starting out. 

Nichola Wilson - Relationship Manager

BEAM (internet download).png

At Beam we use technology to tap into the amazing skills and potential of people in the homeless community. So it's great to meet other organisations who are enthusiastic about the same values - and to think about how we can all create real and lasting solutions to homelessness.

Anna Ritchie - Member manager


Since joining the community, Freedom of Sleep have been able to grow our business via the coming together of like-minded individuals and organisations, all with the goal of reducing homelessness. Through the meetings, we've expanded our network to receive great help with aspects such as PR and social media, through to forging links with charities directly, giving us a forum to connect and expand what we do. I can't thank Ed and We Make Change enough for inviting us to this community.

Charlie - Founder

UW Teal Logo.png

It's brilliant to have a platform for social and charitable initiatives that genuinely want to address the issue of homelessness and improving individual's lives. The meetings allow discussion of real-life solutions around food, shelter, clothing and education with the hope to making a real difference to people's lives effected by homelessness.  We're privileged to be part of this growing network of action based leaders wanting to make a difference. 

Kanaway Yusingco - Managing Partner

Come to our meetings and leave with a new established network of contacts willing to work together. 

Have a read of what happens.

Minutes of the last meeting can be found by clicking here.

Our next meeting is Wednesday 20th February. If you would like to be involved please register here or email me.

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