About me


(Read the bold to get your snapshot)


27. London based. Oxford born. Basketball obsessed. Ex-Science teacher. Angry that homelessness exists. Passionate about education. I believe youth are the future (obviously, but you get what i mean) . Extroverted. Perfectionist. Stubborn. Loves a camera. Told by multiple sources that I'm a nice guy.

But if I'm honest I just enjoy a good flat white (and a crisp pint on the weekend).

My best or worst habit (depending how you know me) is creating ridiculously big projects that give me sleepless nights, but are energising, worthwhile and potentially game-changing. My biggest challenge is to try to change the world and how it views 'doing good' starting in 2020 with engaging over 100,000 UK students in one year (the humble brag usually seen on a Wednesday morning LinkedIn post).

Check out Empathy Week launching in February 2020.

All in all - I'm your normal guy who wants to work closely with you directly, big corporate or independent entrepreneur, if you're trying to take on the world I want to help! Everything created is bespoke and I don't fear reaching out to my other fellow creatives to get them on board with big ideas and projects. After all it's about delivering what you need to make your ideas fly!



We all have a story to tell. Let me help you tell yours.