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I am first and foremost an educator. Graduating from the University of Bath in 2014 with a BSc Biochemistry degree, I entered the world of teaching through the Teach First programme.

My experiences helped shape and form my passion and drive for addressing the issues of inequality both distant and close to home. Teaching changed my perception of society, I realised how challenging life is for the majority of people; wealth often deciding education, health and success. 

I set out to empower my students to believe they have the power to affect other's lives positively, that even their words have true power. 

It is changing people's perceptions and influencing minds to be more empathetic but crucially, acting upon that and changing behavioural patterns that became my passion. I do this through the art of videography, storytelling and speaking.

About me


My passions

 Creativity is changing the World. Films, photos, videos and stories are extremely powerful and are conveying important messages to large audiences. 

Creativity has the power to sway even the most stubborn minds from their fixed mindsets and in recent years has given voice to those previously muffled by society. I will continue to use creativity to make people heard.


Education is changing the World.

Not just in the traditional sense. I believe education is vital in every aspect of life. Those who are well educated on issues are not going to be ignorant in later life.

I am especially passionate about educating young people as they are the next generation of leaders and decision makers.


Sport is changing the World.

It is one of the few entities that has the power to connect people from every kind of race, religion or creed. It has taught me many skills and continues to do so. I am showing the use of sport to break down barriers projects such as the Homeless Football World Cup which I hope serves as a source of inspiration to many.


What can I get your employees thinking about?

Empathy, perspective and purpose

There are many ways we can work together; whether you are a large corporate, a school, small business, University or needing a speaker for a special upcoming event.  

Do you want to mobilise your work force to become more ethically minded and influence them to change their behaviours at the same time?


Maybe you have an event coming up that my story and work would fit into perfectly.