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About me


(Read the bold to get your snapshot)


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30. London based. Oxford born. Basketball obsessed. Former science teacher. Loves a camera. Passionate about education. Believes in equity not equality. I believe youth are the future (obviously, but you get what i mean) . An extrovert, perfectionist & stubborn. I believe speaking, photos and videos are the best form of storytelling.  Told by multiple sources that I'm an alright guy.

Simple things are the best. I enjoy an iced coffee every morning regardless of the weather (and a crisp pint on the weekend).

My best or worst habit (depending on how you know me) is creating ridiculously big projects that give me sleepless nights, but are energising, worthwhile and potentially game-changing. My biggest challenge is trying to change the world by giving every child opportunities. In 2020 I launched Empathy Week and in the three years since, the global schools programme has reached over 40 countries in 6 continents and engaged 140,000 students (the humble brag usually seen on a Wednesday morning LinkedIn post).

All in all - I'm your normal guy who is a people person, enjoying the human element of work and on a big mission to use the power of film, imagery and storytelling to help the world develop the skill of empathy. After all, in order to change the world we first need to understand the people that are in it.


I'm a family first guy, an entrepreneur, a filmmaker, a speaker and always a teacher - if you're trying to take on the world for good, me and my wonderful team can help and if we're not quite right for you we will know people that will be! Big ideas deserve to be seen, heard and told as stories.


I pride myself on my emotional intelligence, my ability to form trust and rapport quickly with another.




This is what enables me to capture great stories. 


In order to tell them you have to have the right person behind the camera as well as in front.


We all have a story to tell. Let me help you to tell yours.


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